We make on-the-spot stamps, in 5 to 10 minutes, usable after 1 hour. These are flash stamps, that allow a very high quality, superior to laser engraving.
The sizes go of a 17mm diameter to 114x89mm.
Every types of logos, and even photos are practicable by this process.

These stamps make on average 20000 markings before requiring a refill. This one remits in an ink flask, by the customer himself. There is no  ink cassette to be replaced or to be bought. If you have several different sizes of stamps, the same flask allows to re-ink them all.

The markings have to be chosen between 5 colors: black, blue, green, red or purple.
These stamps are guaranteed for life.
Refilling flask 10 ml (sufficient to refill 10 times an EOS50, format 70x30mm)
Inkwell 63x40mm, black ink, mounted on a PVC holder for industrial machines
Our flash stamp (COLOP EOS 50)
Most common stamp, well known from all (TRODAT 4915)
Stamp 70x30mm, black ink - Stamp 63x40mm, black ink - Stamp 38x14mm, red ink
Stamp 70x30mm, black ink
Pocket stamp 59x23mm, black ink
Some examples of achievements
Example of our flash stamp
Example of a laser engraving stamp (most common)
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